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Thread: 30 Gallon sump help

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    Thanks alot for your help! I think i have what i need now to start building with confidence!

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    Yea, as stated earlier here, check out Great info and explanations there.

    My original plan was something like what you are doing, I was going to have 2 drains going into either side, with return in the middle (allows slow flow through the fuge.)

    I ended up moving the fuge to a separate small tank on the side, using gravity to fill and drain it. (tapped into the drain line to fill, then an overflow to drain into the sump.) Just wasn't enough room in my sump to do what I wanted. Much roomier with the fuge separate on the side. I 'drilled' the fuge myself, but wasn't really a drill. I drew a circle and then cut the plug out of the glass with a side cutting tile bit on a dremel tool. Worked great. If you are interested in how to do this, PM me. Way cheaper than buying a glass bit, but works only on smaller tanks, probably 20 gallons or less.
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