Orange Spot Saltwater Prawn Goby- Our price: $14.99
Orange Spot Prawn Goby will find an ideal home in saltwater aquariums that are 10 gallons or larger with plenty of nooks and crevices available for it to hide. Known as a jumper, this quirky little fish needs a home with a roof. An excellent sand sifter, the ideal landscape for this fish would be a sandy and or loose coral rubble for it to perform the job of keeping your sand sparkling clean.

Ricordea Florida Buy 2 & Get a third for free!! Priced from $10.99 to $15.99

Green Slimer Acro Coral- Our price: $24.99
Like a comic book character this coral is bright and vibrant… and gets its name for the occasional release of slime - however the slime is non toxic to the rest of the tank. Warm water flowing in a moderate current and high light are standard requirements for this colorful acropora. Attention to alkalinity, calcium and magnesium levels are important for this coral to thrive in your tank.

Camel Shrimp- Our price: $8.39
The Camel Shrimp answers to many different names, such as the Dancing Shrimp, Candy Shrimp and the Hinge Beak Shrimp. No matter what you call it the red and white body striping is a interesting addition to the aquarium. This shrimp is sociable, preferring to spend it’s time with similar shrimp and find a hiding place in the crevasses of your rock structure. It will require a good hiding place when molting.

Duncanops Corals– 2 Heads for the LOW LOW price of $19.99
This peaceful saltwater coral has beautiful disc shaped heads which become more vibrant if placed under actinic lighting. While it prefers to be placed in a sandy substrate, it can be positioned anywhere there is low water flow. The stable maintenance of stable alkalinity and magnesium levels is an important key with this coral. The addition of trace elements such as calcium and strontium and target feeding with mysis shrimp is beneficial.

Beautiful Bam Bam Zoanthids On SALE $14.99[INDENT]No matter if you are ordering your very first zoanthid or adding to an entire tank full of them this bright orange Bam Bam is sure to please. The Bam Bam is easy to maintain and is an excellent option for those just developing a reef aquarium. A moderate lighting and water movement requirement allows for a flexible placement of this coral in your tank. This is a zoanthid that multiplies easily in an aquarium. Supplemental feeding with micro plankton or brine shrimp will keep this zoanthid in optimal condition.