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Thread: Free Shipping + 4 Macros + 500 Pods - This is the fantastic Macro Algae Pack

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    Free Shipping + 4 Macros + 500 Pods - This is the fantastic Macro Algae Pack

    If you have nuisance algae, you need to fight it with Macro Algae. Macro Algae is a benefit to your tank in these ways:

    1. Out competes the nuisance algae for nutrients - naturally reducing the amount for a cleaner tank with less work!

    2. Macro Algae looks great!!! You can add the natural look of a planted saltwater tank and get some WOW while cleaning it up!

    3. Macro Algae is a natural home for smaller "critters" like amphipods and copepods. These critters eat left over food, detritus, bacteria and the likes, which will also reduce the growth of nuisance algae!!

    Do it for your saltwater tank - do it for yourself, do it for life!

    This special gets you started on the right path!!

    With 4 types of macro algae and 500 pods - your tank will be brimming with new life!
    Plus FREE shipping is always a bonus!

    Click HERE to buy it now - there are only a few of these packs left at this price!

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    VERY NICE OFFER! My Chaeto+Pods and Snail order came in excellent condition packed to exceed the Winter conditions we're having here. Kudos to you guys for being a Top Notch business and Sponsor here. Will most certainly be ordering again.

    Cheers, Todd

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