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Thread: Clean Up Crew? Reefs2go.com has you covered - 100 Blue Legs = 20bucks

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    Clean Up Crew? Reefs2go.com has you covered - 100 Blue Legs = 20bucks

    This is one that I have had numerous requests for: Packages of Saltwater Invertebrates from the Caribbean for Reef Tanks!! So here it is: You will receive the following 100 items with this package: 25 Nerite Snails 25 Turbo Snails 50 Blue Leg Hermit Crabs
    Perhaps you just need Blue Legs - We've Got a deal just for you!! Blue Leg Hermit Crabs eat Red Slime Algae!!
    Yep - You read that right! So lend a hand to your tank and get that junk off of your rock and substrate!! We will make it SUPER easy - Friday and Saturday - you can buy... 100 Blue Leg Hermit Crabs for ONLY $19.99!! Now that is a Super Daily Deal!!
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    I will probably place an order for the Medium Carib crew sometime this weekend, but i dont need that many snails or crabs, is there anyone interested in getting a few snails or crabs if i get an order. Out of the 50 Blue legs, 25 Cerites, and 25 Turbos, I will keep 10 Blue legs, 10 cerites and 5 turbos, so have some available.
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