I have two in a 50 gallon reef, with two clownfish and a mandarin. They usually emerge from opposite sides of the rock, and don't show affection. Does that mean they are not a potential breeding pair?

I am overhauling my system, and if they aren't a potential breeding pair I'd like to take one out.

I never intended to have two orchid dottybacks. I had one for about a year when I found it laying on it's side in a corner gasping. I netted it back to the main part of the aquarium, and then didn't see it for 10 days. The kids in my class were sad, and so was I, so I bought another one. And guess who also showed back up right after. The new fish was much smaller, and got beat on for a few days, but just when i thought I might have to take action, they made peace.

Both fish are ORA bred.

Any advice is appreciated I don't want to lose out if there's a chance of them breeding, but my corals would be happier with fewer fish.