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Thread: KH @ 6

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    KH @ 6

    Well I went to do a water change and did some basic tests before hand and found my KH at 6 then notice my calcium reactor has stop dripping and I was wondering how fast should be raising this back up to par. calcium is at 420 and PH at 8.1 which I thought calcium would be much lower. I have the reactor back to the normal dripping and did a 10% water change but was wondering how slow I should be raising KH. Thanks for the help Can't believe I forgot to check the reactor daily oh yea corals seem fine as of now maybe a little stress

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    NO more than .5 dKH / day added to the dKH lost / day.

    calcium is at 420 and PH at 8.1 which I thought calcium would be much low

    How high was the Ca++ and dKH ?. For every 20 ppm Ca++ drop there will be at least a drop of 2.8 dKH. When the reactor quite working one should expect a larger proportional drop in dKH.

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