Butterfly Fish Photo Gallery

The Best Butterflyfishes From Hawaii

Butterflyfishes of the Cook Islands

Butterflyfishes of Fiji

Rating the Butterflyfishes of the Maldives, Indian Ocean

The Best Butterflyfishes From the Red Sea

The Threadfin Butterflyfish, Chaetodon auriga

The Raccoon Butterflyfishes, Chaetodon lunula & Chaetodon fasciatus

The Double-Saddleback Butterflyfish

The Chelmon Butterflyfishes (CopperBanded Butterfly's)

The Yellow Longnose Butterflyfishes

Butterflyfishes; Separating the Good Ones and Those You Don't Want

Butterflyfishes of the Genus Hemitaurichthys Bannerfish Butterflies, The Genus Heniochus

El Barbero, Johnrandallia nigrirostris

Butterflyfishes of the Genus Prognathodes