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Thread: New Quarantine Process

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    New Quarantine Process

    We have changed our Quarantine process to insure a better survival rate and to pass on a healthy and quality fish to our customers, so I will list what we do to ensure this.

    We have broken our fish system down into two sections, the right section of tanks will be run full time with a .5ppm of Cuppermine where all new arrivals will be placed during a two week stay in Quarantine. With the fish now being in appropriate sized aquariums this will keep their stress levels down. All fish in both systems will be feed with food soaked in Praziquantel to treat them for internal parasites and flukes in the mornings and then food soak in Metronidazole(Antibiotic) to help treat and prevent bacterial infections. Any fish that exhibits symptoms that are not treated by the above will be removed to Q-Tanks in the back to be dipped with the appropriate medication.

    Are Acclimation proceedure

    1. Acclimate fish to water temperature. We float all fish and invertebrates for 30 min. to acclimate to our water temp.
    2. Acclimate fish to pH. We drip acclimate all fish and invertebrates for 2 hours to allow for the acclimation to the pH that we are running in the store.
    3. All fish enter into the quarantine side of our fish system and are treated with Cupramine, we chose cupramine because it is more tolerated by some of the more copper sensitive fish(butterflies, angels, dragonets, and jawfish to name a few) .
    4. All fish are monitored and if they appear to be stressed the fish is removed and isolated.
    5. Fish are fed a minimum of two times a day, small amounts. Once a day the food is soaked in Metronidazole (antibiotic) and the other time it is soaked with Praziquantel.
    6. For two weeks all fish remain on the Quarantine side of the system and if healthy and eating they are then moved over to the other side of the system.

    Throughout this initial process all fish are closely monitored. All the fish water in the store is running at the same pH, salinity, and temp.

    At Oceans by Design we run our salinity at 1.024 - 1.026 and our pH is 8.1 8.3 and our temp is 78.2. We monitor our systems daily; this is to minimize any swings. Our water parameters are tested daily. We use RODI water that we make in the store. The fish systems are running ozone, and uv, bio-pellet reactors and carbon.

    Our coral systems are on a separate system and the water is tested to ensure that we have appropriate water parameters to support coral.

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    Awesome, wish I still lived up there to check out the store. I have gone to the website quite a few times just to browse. You guys are awesome, and I knew that if there was a kink in your guys system you would do everything to get it fixed. Looks like you have a hell of a system.
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