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Thread: Hydra LED's

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    Hydra LED's


    In August I just starting my 125 gallon reef tank. I am currently using 3 of the AI Hydra LED's and I am having issues with getting the intensity correct on them. I would appreciate any information somebody may have who have experience with these lights or something similar. They are 8 1/2 inches over my tank and my tanks dimensions are 72 x 18 x 24. I currently have my setting at:

    White - 15%
    Violet : 50%
    Red : 40%
    Green: 40%
    D-Blue : 50%
    Royal: 50%
    UV: 40%

    Ramp time 3 hours.
    Sun Rise at 8:00
    Sun Set at 7:00.

    I recently purchased some Frogspawn & Hammer Corals that I had at the bottom of the tank for about a week and they became bleached so I brought them back for the time being. I would really appreciate any info I can get. Thanks.

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    i"m thinking of getting the Hydra 52 for my new build as well. would love to hear from those who know

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