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Thread: 2014 INDMAS Frag Swap --- Saturday May 10th --- Indianapolis

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    2014 INDMAS Frag Swap --- Saturday May 10th --- Indianapolis

    First off want to give a special thanks to our Platinum Sponsor for the event, Premium Aquatics!

    Frag Swap Layout (Vendors - V#, Hobbyist - H#)

    Planning is well underway and this should be another great event. We always have a lot of great vendors, raffle prizes, and plenty of fun. Admission is free for all INDMAS members and $5 for all non-members. Non-reefing spouse/children will not be charged for admission.

    There are 18 spots available for hobbyist that would like to set up a tank. Each spot is 1/2 of a 6-foot table and the cost is $10 for members, $15 for non-members (includes admission). You can reserve your table by paying for it on PayPal to It's first come first serve, please include screenname when you make your payment.

    If you plan to set up a tank, you will need to bring your own extension cord and powerstrip, Please limit your electrical usage to one heater, powerhead, and light.

    Vendors interested in attending the event or sponsors wishing to donate items please contact our Club Treasurer Amanda at for more detailed information. Please include top spots your interested in and first to secure with reservation payment will get first pick. Spots will include a 6 foot table in the front as well as the back and will be an 8'X10' area with two seats.

    Visit us @ and hope to see you there!!! As we secure all the sponsors/vendors I'll be actively posting on the following link.

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    7 days until the swap, ready to see everyone soon! Raffle prize list is wrapping up and stacking up to be another good one. Keep checking back on our site for the latest and greatest: 2014 INDMAS Frag Swap

    Grab Bags donated by Premium Aquatics:

    Raffle Prizes:

    1 X Coral Vue SRO 2000 Internal Skimmer from INDMAS
    1 X RLSS Waveline DC 4000 Pump from INDMAS
    1 X Apex Controller Package from INDMAS
    1 X Apex Leak Controller Package from INDMAS
    1 X EcoTech MP40 Vortech from INDMAS
    1 X EcoTech Battery Backup from INDMAS
    1 X Tunze ATO Osmolator from INDMAS
    1 X AquaVitro Salinity Salt Bucket from INDMAS
    1 X Finnex 300 Watt Titanium Heater from INDMAS
    1 X UAS Scrubber Turf Scrubber from Santa Monica Filtration
    1 X Package of 40lb Life Rock from Caribsea
    10 X Reef Frenzy Packs with Probiotics from LRS Frenzy Foods
    1 X Towel and Pint Glass w/ Laser Etching from LRS Frenzy Foods
    1 X Typhoon RO/DI System from Air, Water and Ice
    4 X $25 Gift Certificates from Air, Water and Ice
    5 X Rod's Reef Multi-Packs from Rod's Food
    1 X BRS 75 GPD 5 Stage Plus RO/DI from Bulk Reef Supply
    1 X Marineland Reef LED light from Marineland
    3 X Tropic Marin Elimi-Control Phosphate Kits w/ spare Carbon/Phosphate Cartridges from Tropic Marin
    Several Packages of Food from Ocean Nutrition
    Several Hatcheries/Shrimperies from San Francisco Bay Foods
    8 X $25 Gift Certificates from Beef's Reef
    1 X Hydor Slim Skim Internal Skimmer from Dirk
    1 X Set of Anthony Calfo C-Journals from Dirk
    1 X D&D Epoxy Kit from Dirk
    1 X Package of Micro-Lift Additives from Dirk
    4 X $25 Gift Certificates from Avast Marine Works
    4 X $25 Gift Certificates from Frag Creations
    1 X RO/DI Filter Set and GFO from AquaFX
    1 X Frag Pack from Eye Candy Coral
    1 X Frag Pack from Fraggin Wagon
    2 X MBI Workshop Passes from Marine Breeding Initiative
    2 X AquaVitro Product Packages from SeaChem
    1 X Bubble Magnus E3 Hang On Back Skimmer from Ideal Aquatics
    1 X Violet Orange Montipora and Purple Polyp Scroll Coral from Jason Fox Signature Corals
    2 X One Year Subscriptions to Coral Magazine from Coral Magazine
    2 X Coralife CP750 Powerheads from Central Aquatics
    2 X Coralife CP1300 Powerheads from Central Aquatics
    2 X Coralife CP 2900 Powerheads from Central Aquatics
    8 X Kent Marine Reef Starter Kits from Central Aquatics
    1 X Tunze Nano Osmolator 3152 Auto Top Off Unit from Oceans Direct
    1 X 100 Boston Aqua Ceramic Frag Plugs from Oceans Direct
    1 X Tunze 6025 Powerhead from Tunze
    1 X Coral Frag Pack from Fish Doctor
    1 X 24 Watt PAR38 LED Bulb from Coral Compulsion
    1 X Sera Marin Additive Kit Package and Ceramic Filtration Pack from Sera Marin
    1 X Coral Frag Pack from Midwest Coral Connection
    2 X $25 Gift Certificates from Fragcreations LLC
    1 X Lifegard QuietOne 1200 Pump from Lifegard Aquatics
    12 X Reef-Roids 4 Oz Coral Food from PolypLab
    12 X Nano Reef-Roids Coral Food from PolypLab
    1 X System Reef-Resh kit from PolypLab
    3 X PolypLab additive kits/fish med from PolypLab
    6 X BioKits for Nano Reef from Prodibio
    1 X SPS Frag Kit from Boston Aqua Farms
    1 X $25 Gift Certificate to LiveAquaria from LiveAquaria
    2 X Reef Geek Shirts and $25 Gift Certificates from
    6 X $20 Gift Certificates to Inland Aquatics from Inland Aquatics
    Frag Packs from Aznutty's Saltwater Connection

    Grand Prize is a COMPLETE FRAG SYSTEM put together by INDMAS and Orphek!
    20 Gallon Rimless Frag System w/ integrated filtration and stand
    Orpek PR72 Reef LED Pendant donated by Orphek
    All the other essentials needed for the ultimate frag system: Anthony Calfo's Propagation Book, Tunze 6025 powerhead, Cobalt Neo-Therm 100 Watt heater, chemi-pure, carbon, deluxe frag kit, 100 ceramic frag plugs and discs, and reef glue!

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