Have had this up and running for a few months (5) but figured I would do somewhat of a build thread.

YouTube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTskR...dxg5qDcUZnj7PA A friend came over and did up a little video. He has documented quite a few of my tanks. Thanks Tyler

Corals started to look pretty bad after a few weeks in the tank. I figured it was "new tank syndrome"? Tank was cycled for two months before switching my other tanks over to this one. All parameters have been spot on (Salifert test kits). Anyway corals are starting to come around and looking much better.

Marineland Starphire 300DD, stand and canopy. I ended up building a 10" riser so the stand was at a better viewing height.

SRO 5000ext
2x MP60's and 1xMP40
3 IT2040 LED fixtures and 4 Retro fit T5"s (two Blue Plus and two Purple Plus)
Tunze ATO
Proflux Doser
Neptune Apex system (just got on Fusion, woo hoo!)

Greg Hiller Aquamarine Jewl
Black Magic Milli
Tyree Bali Tri Color
Upscales Microcadus
Tyree Pink Lemonade
Mattv Pink Lemonade
Greg Hiller Blueberry
Garf Purple Bonsai
KLR Starlight
RR Grape Juice
Greg Hiller Aqua Delight
Fantastic Frags Strawberry Short Cake
ORA Peralberry
RNJ Tricolor
Tyree Ponape Rainbow
4th of July MilliWestside Purplishous
Sunset Milli
Red Planet Milli
Acroproa Susharsonoi

Utter Chaos
Blue Hornets
King Midas
Orange BamBam
Pink Zippers
Sunny D's
Red Hornets
Blue Tubs
God Of War
Stardust PE
Forbbidn Fruit
Tyree Arm's
Candy Apple Reds
Darth Maul
Misc. Golden Basket Zoas

ORA Goniopora
Few other that I can't think of because my head is hurting from thinking too much.

Purple tang
Lemon Peel Tang
Snowflake Clowns
3 Bartlett's Anthias
2 Wrasses?
1 Cleaner Wrasse

and thats it for now........