The Chaeto is getting choked out by a slimy green/brown algae. It also isn?t growing at all. Hair algae also grows freely on the fuge walls, which I promptly remove with every WC.
I?ve got a Korilia 250 pump in there and running a Utilitech Par38 5k LED lamp.
Not sure how much more to feed. I feed my fish 1-2x a day.

I?ve discovered that my SB issues were caused (believe it or not) by LRS Reef Frenzy frozen food. Especially a new package!
Seems the longer it?s in the freezer something in the food must become inert. My last package was over a year old, my SB cleared up.
2wks ago I bought a new pack and taaa daaa nasty SB issue is back. I?m going to try rinsing it off in tank water before feeding, hopefully this helps.
I do recall another reefer on R2R telling me that it was this food because he too had the same issue.