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Thread: Sump Baffles

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    Sump Baffles

    Quote Originally Posted by mfinn View Post
    I like it. Nice big refugiums area.

    fwiw, I like to only use macro in the refugiums and nothing else.
    Fuge is 14"x12"x8"
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    Quote Originally Posted by mfinn View Post
    When I plan out a sump, my thoughts are as follows. First chamber is incoming water/skimmerr, second is for a refugiums and third is the return area, also a good area for ATO floats, heaters, probes, etc.
    My first chamber is where the water comes in at. This is where I put my skimmer. So I make that area big enough for a skimmer and also big enough for a upgraded skimmer down the line.
    I also plan that first baffle as about the highest baffle. I figure I can always make a small stand to raise the skimmer to the correct height. Then down the line of a new skimmer needs more water, then the stand can be shorten or taken out.

    Then I plan the return area. This area can be a little smaller than the skimmer area. I use like to use external pumps when I can, but I make this area big enough for a internal as well if needed.

    What is left over in the middle I use for a refugiums. The bigger the better, IMO.

    You also need to figure out a operating water level in a sump and plan the baffle height accordingly.
    Then you also need to figure out how high your return nozzle in the tank is going to be.
    When the power goes off, the return line is going to back syphon into the sump.
    You need to make sure that with the operating water level in the sump, the back syphon from the tank won't overflow the sump.

    There are a lot of different ways to do a sump and they probably all work. This is just the way I do mine.
    Well said! I agree exactly...

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