actually for me the duncan is the most sensitive, if he's sulking I take all my levels! But the hammer mostly stays open, just grows more heads! I'd love a different color hammer as well some day.
I trim my xenia pretty aggressively. works so far, I now have 6 varieties of xenia/anthellia's I really love them.
Oh, the plate coral, I loved it, a friend gave me a rock flower anemone (saying they don't move much), well of course mine did, and it attached to the plate coral! the plate hung on for a few months, but never really came back from that incident. I've heard sometimes plate coral skeletons make tons of babies, so the skeleton is still stuck in a back corner of the tank. we'll see.
Then the stupid rock flower attached to a bird's nest, I've just learned the trick of putting them in a shell may make them move less, so I'll try that if I ever see it moving again.