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Thread: Baiting a fish trap....

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    Baiting a fish trap....

    Greetings Saltwater Collective,

    so I got a local acrylic shop to build me a neat little fish trap. Basically a 3" tube with one end closed and the other with a disk small enough to fit inside the other end with a dowel fastened to it so I can spin the dowel and the disk spins and voila the trap is closed like a butterfly valve on a carburetor. I'm trying to catch a domino damsel. And please don't hi-Jack this thread with a ton of cruel but more effective catch methods. We ALL hate these obnoxious little fish, we GET it. Well on my first go round I used frozen brine shrimp and it just want to float out and the little basterd simply nabs the question is do have a solid bait choice that he'll SMELL and have go Investigate...??


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    Use a piece of raw shrimp from the grocery store.

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