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Thread: how long to wait for tank transfer

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    how long to wait for tank transfer

    I set up a new 120g tank with some new base rock that had been curing for about a month in a rubbermaid stock tank (with circulation and a skimmer) and new aragonite sand- I'm getting some algae growth and have a small school of chromis that seem happy and healthy...
    I want to move the contents (fish, corals, live rock) of my well established (over a year old) 46 bowfront to this tank- at what point is it safe to do so? I really, REALLY don't want to lose anything...

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    how long to wait for tank transfer

    What are your water parameters? Has the tank finished with the cycle?

    I did my 40B pretty much the same way only I used BioPronto Marine-Live bacteria. Transferred everything within 2wks
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