Hello, hello? Remember me? I know it's been a long while (again) . So much to do, so many fish!

So you can save 20% off all saltwater fish thru this Friday! Lots of fish just in...

Powder Blue
Flame Finned Tang
Naso Tang
Orange Shoulders sm juv
YE kole, med and sm
Vlamingi tangs, 2 sm cute ones!
Yellow Tangs sm
Gold Rim Tang
Lots of Assrtd Damsels, nice Sapphires! 2 stripe, 3 stripe, blues, Flames, etc
Lots of Wrasses, Melenarus, six lines, Lubbuck, Sm Blue sided, cleaners
Scribbled Rabbits, one really nice Lg one, 2 that are BFFs
Coral Beautys
Bi-color angels
Blk Sailfin Blennies
Lg Blue Spot Watchmans
Orange Fire Fish
Bar Gobies, nice!
Lil' Tails spot Blenny
Lil' Yasha

And more Hiding around here and there, stop by and save!