Wow! I just turned around and *poof!* Time flies!

Been meaning to try and keep up on posting, but stock is coming and going so fast it's hard to keep up!

Here is a list of the fish we have in stock, they have been coming in really nice!

Powder Blue
Yellow tang
Kole Tang
Yellow Belly Blue
Tiny cute Blue tang
Metalic Foxface
Scribbled Rabbits
Flame angels
Coral beauties
Bicolor angel
Flame Hawk
Pink Hawk
Ruby green scats
Blue Jaw Trigger
Mimic Valentini Poofer
Christmas Wrasse
6 Lines
Blue Sided wrasse
Yellow Coris
Green Coris
Banner Cards
PJ Cards
Dot Dash Cards
Gold Domino Damsels
Lots of Assrtd Damsels
Fang Blenny
Algae Blennies
Tribal Blenny
Tail Spots
Wheeleri Goby
Yellow Watchman
Blue Gudgeon gobies
Hectori goby
Golden Head Sleeper
Dragon Goby
Tangora Goby
Fire fish
Bicolor Psuedos
Purple Psuedos

And more fish that I can't remember off the top of my head....
Come and see!