Attn all Reefer and Saltwater enthusiast
At Sierra Fish & Pets we are making a huge focused effort on increasing our saltwater coral stock and the quality of livestock. Many of you that have shopped with us through the years have seen us go from a large fish only store to a full line pet supply store. In that transition to full line some of our focus may have switched from saltwater to other categories in the store. We have recently made a conscious effort to focus on our saltwater section and more specifically our coral section. In the coming months you should see a drastic change in the overall appearance, quality of livestock, and of course pricing. So if you are new to the hobby or a long time reefer, please stop by and say hi and let us know you are noticing the changes. Please share with other reefers and get the word out the there is a new place to check out for great saltwater supply. Thanks for all your support and you comments and suggestions are warmly welcome.