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Thread: Thinking of setting up a new saltwater aquarium?

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    Thinking of setting up a new saltwater aquarium?

    i already have a 20-30g freshwater and i was thinking of a small saltwater. i have no exp with saltwater to though.here are of my questions:

    i want some small fish that will fit in it. is clown fish and saltwater angelfish able?

    what are some good decoration ideas besides sea anemonea?

    how much will it cost with everything? its almost a 10-15g

    whats your idea of the fish and the whole tank?

    answers will be appreciated!

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    Angelfish, even dwarf angels would need 40g+
    They just swim a lot aND roam and peck at the rock and other stuff.
    Blennys, gobies, and a cpl of the same clowns would b best.

    U can use rock, oornaments from the fish store, they have saltwater sand and crush coral for the bottom.

    I would recommend an all In one set up or a drilled tank with an overflow and sump area for a protein skimmer.
    Welcome and have fun.
    -299g display.

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    I know it's been a little while but if your still thinking about it I agree with 1guydude. But as far as the last point one of my most rewarding tanks I've had was a 50 gallon breeder that was pretty low tech. I had a power filter, hang on refugium with skimmer, and some T5s and I had a nice soft coral reef for a few years when I upgraded. It was easy to care for and a good begging tank. It didn't cost me to much either as I got it all used ($150 I think). You could probably do a smaller tank for less if you search for a good deal.

    As for fish clowns are always a good choice and I also like fire gobies and cardinal fish. The engineer blenny is also one I've always been fond of.

    Good luck

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    Yes, gobies and blennies... the best.

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