Just got in a shipment with some nice fish in, we have lots in, check it out!

Harlequin Tusk
Blue Spot Jaw - BEAUTIFUL!
Cali Stingray
Maculecip tang, sm/med
Yellow Tangs
YE Kole Tangs
Blonde Naso
Tomini Tang

Assrted Damsels
Grn Chromis
Flame Angel
Coral Beauties
Golden Rabbit
Scribbled Rabbits
Fox Face
Striped Grunt
Miniatus Grouper
Pearly Jaw
Spotted Mandarin
Randalls Goby
Wheeleri Goby
Royal Gramma
Purple Psuedos
Tail Spot Blennies
Fang Blenny
Fire fishes
Striped Squirrel

Lots of starter frags to choose from too!