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Thread: Opinions please. QT for new inverts?

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    Opinions please. QT for new inverts?

    Does anyone QT their new inverts before intro into the DT? My 14g Biocube's cycled and about ready for a CUC as I'm starting to see some lovely, bright green hair algae, and I want to nip that issue in the bud. Right now my parameters are: Ammonia: 0, Nitrite: 0, Nitrate: +/- 10ppm, Phosphate: 0. My concern is that I've read on other forums that you should always QT CUC's, as ich or velvet theronts can hitchhike on the invert shells. Some have said ALWAYS QT CUC's, some have said NEVER QT, and some have said you don't have to, but do a quick RODI dip. I am not planning any hermits or other crabs at this point. Too early and besides, I'm a snail freak. Ultimately this tank will have a couple of clowns, perhaps a small nem, and a Blennie, and with some zoas.

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    I always QT everything. While CUC can't get Ick they can be carriers. However instead of my normal 30 day QT i usually only do 2 weeks. However you really should do 30 days to insure that your past the egg stage (tomonts) of Ick.
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    6yrs reefing and I have never QT'd any invert.
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