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Thread: Hoping to set up a nano reef-is 7 gallons an OK size? Only had big tanks before.

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    Hoping to set up a nano reef-is 7 gallons an OK size? Only had big tanks before.

    (After posting this, I realized I should have probably posted in the nano reef forum-oops!)

    Hi all!

    Several years ago I got out of the hobby for a number of reasons; I did have a couple of beautiful, healthy tanks for years prior to that. I still have all the equipment for my large tanks but don't have the space to set one up right now.

    Still, I really miss having a reef tank so I thought my little 7 gallon bow front would be a cool little thing.

    I want it to be a healthy long term setup, so what would you guys recommend as far as equipment goes? I've seen them with HOB filters instead of skimmers... what is better?

    I do have a good LED light that's proper for this tank, and I don't know if I need a circulation pump in addition to a skimmer or filter...

    Thinking about just having zoas and rics in it and a few tiny blennies or something, but any other ideas are welcome.

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    It would work. With a tank that small no skimmer is needed, just weekly water changes. For flow i would mod a low flow fountain pump like this one.

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    Did you set it up?

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