Attn All RF Members

We have a bunch of Closeout/Used Marine items for sale that we must move. No reasonable offer will be refused. There is some great stuff that can enhance any marine aquarium. Some items are outdated and no longer sold but still can be a great addition to any aquarium. In the description we will list if it is new or used and the prices we are asking for the item.

AMNitrate (2).jpg
AMNitrate Red100_50.jpg
AquaMedic Nitrate Reducer Asking $100 NEW in Box with all instructions This unit can be over $400 new.

AquaMedic Triple Head Doser Asking $100 this unit is slightly Used but we do have the instructions for the unit If you know about dosers this was on the market before any others.

Red Sea AquaZone 250 Ozonizer Asking $35 Used unit in our store. This is the deluxe model that has the ability to monitor and control the ozone administered to your aquarium. Does NOT have the ORP pen to monitor the Ozone that would need to be purchase seperatly.