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Thread: Biocube 29 lighting

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    Biocube 29 lighting

    Hey all, I recently purchased a Coralife Biocube 29. Currently it has 2 pc's and a 3 blue led moonlight bar. It also has 4 slots for led expansion. I guess I have 2 questions, I have been looking high and low for specifications on the led expansion bars, they come in blue and white, but I haven't had any luck finding anything. Does anyone know where I can find that info?

    And that leads into my next question, if I were to exand the current light setup that I have and add 2 bars of white leds, and two bars of blue leds, would that be enough to house a RBTA? I'm not looking to go crazy and get any SPS but I would like an anemone. Thanks.

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    I don't know if any upgrade is required to keep a RBTA. Those PC's might do just fine... long term problem is problem going to be finding bulbs..
    The additional led bars are the exact same thing as what you currently have. I think I remember at one point reading they were 1watt leds, but I am not sure. I wouldn't expect that even if you filled all 4 slots that they would do much as far as additional lighting, as its my understanding that its mostly accepted now that anything other than a 3watt doesn't allow enough power/penetration to really be usable, even in quantity. With them being $25 a piece, I might spend a bit more, remove the lid and put one of these one top:
    No doubt you could keep anything you wanted with it
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    Bainic. Did you end up keeping RBTA? Might be too small track size for rbta?

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