Ok. I usually don't post trivialities but the forum has been so quiet I thought I would give a status.

I am so excited!! After a 16(?) year absence, I got my RO/DI sys in today. Salt tomorrow. I am committed now to begin this build.
I know enough that this takes time and don't expect a tank running until late summer. So....here is the plan. (I will document everything)

225 custom tank from Mojo ( if he ever gets back to me) 72x30 wide x 26 high. (gallons are off a little)

DIY beckett skimmer. I have one from b4 but will be doing major mods as it wasn't up to par. I've learned a few things since then.

DIY sump. Prob about 50 gallons. Prob more.

DIY LED lighting. Thx to Cesar's advice.

DIY stand. Woodworker is another hobby. Thinking maybe Walnut.

Yet to research Calc reactor, but in the plans.

Bima LR 200# or Manado.

Starting a 55 Q tank that will get a start on LR within the month for curing. Turboflotor Skimmer for that tank. Old but say what you will, few mods and it kicks butt for this size.

Cellar sump and putting in a new electric supply for this tank with a kill switch at main floor for this. New floor bracing and Tile floor under/around tank. Been in this rodeo b4.

All DIY projects will be documented. Maybe not the best to you, but only the best for me. Not skimping on the best except the DIY.

Wish me luck. I am sooooo excited. Feet wet, diving back in.