Holy moly I'll never try that again!! Wanted to put the Gyre mode into operation. Entailed switching 1 paddle and 1 cage. Sounds easy right? NOT!!
My paddles are not marked A-B. That would have been to much like right. You cannot put the B cage on the right side, it has to go on the left side. But first you have to figure out which side is left and which is right. Which depends I thought on if it's facing you. NOT!
I thought I had it figured out. But listening to a slight clicking all weekend I figured wrong.
Once again I started over hoping to just get the dang thing back to where it once was. Gyre Mode be damned!
After another hour of trying every combination of paddles & cages I'm finally back to where I freaking started.

It'll have to be enough. I'm clean out of patience-lol.