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Thread: How do we get new people in Reef Frontiers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMeritt View Post
    I for one am glad the forum is still here and available. I have been out of the hobby for about 4 years and looking at possibly getting another tank as soon as our house is done being built.
    I may not be as into aquariums as much as I would like due to being in north western Ontario Canada the access to equipment and well pretty much everything else is quite limited but I am with MMeritton this one. When I got the ok from management to do another reef the first thing I did after being out of it for about 5 years was come here and get right back at it.

    I can see fb taking some from the forum but I for one am glad that it is still here. A lot has changed since I was into the hobby and the forum still being here was and still is a great help for me. The numbers might not be as high as they were but those that are still here are very friendly and helpful.

    This might not help solve anything but just wanted to put my two cents in and say thank you for still being around
    Reef tanks are like a fine wine....time is everything

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    I agree, Dark. People who are still here seem super friendly. I know Discord also took away a lot of traffic from various forums. Are there Discord channels for our hobby too?

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