FISH LIST ARRIVING THURSDAY(6/2) MORNING . First price is picked up in bag, second price is when its been tanked. Come in the morning for the best deals! Available at Sea King Aquariums in Bellevue WA
1x Flame Wrasse Pair $220
1x Rhomboid Sub Male $125/150
1x Black Tang 500
1x Hybrid Black Tang $250
15x Yellow Tang lg $25/30
5x Yellow Tang Small $16/20
10x Flame angel $30/35
1x Sailfin Tang lg $40/50
3x Achilles Tang $135/150
1x Dwarf Moray Eel $140
11x Barlett Anthias $25/30
1x Lined Butterfly $20/25
1x Teardrop Butterfly $20/25
1x Green Bird Wrasse Male 30/40
1x Gold Rim Tang 50/60
2x Chevron Tang 90/120