We're closing early SAturday 6/18 at 3:30pm . Tons of nice acro colonies came in this week and have the following fish coming in Thursday!

20x Ventralis Anthias
If buying one ventralis anthias: $110 each
If buying two: $100 each
If buying three of more: $90 each!!! yikes!!!

I'll also have the following fish coming in
1x ULTRA Pintail Fairy Wrasse Male $200
20x Yellow Tangs all sizes sm, m, lg, $14.99 each
9x Flame Angels $34.99
8x Bartlett anthias $29.99
1x Venustus Angelfish 69.99
6x Moorish Idols 29.99
6x Naso Tang Smalls $19.99
2x Toby Puffers $9.99
1x Chevron Tang $120.00
1x Regal Angelfish