Hey everyone so im building a sump and i need some advice on my filtration order not sure what is best but i would love some advice

currently i plan to place my sump filtration in this order total sump volume 65 gallons

  1. overflow pipe into a holding chamber 15 gallons-will be adding a sock in the future
  2. Fludized bed using k1 about 1 gallon in a 15 gallon chamber
  3. my old euro reef 180 with new pump in a 20 gallon chamber
  4. return pump along with a 8x8x4 marine pure ceramic bio block 15 gallon chamber (may ad a holding container with holes drilled in it for a refugum)

tank has about 100lbs of live rock and a 2 inch sand bed i may be replacing in during this up fit
please let me know if that is the right order to have my sump in thank you

This is a reef tank with 1 Blue Gagaintia carpet anemone+2 porcelain crabs 2 clowns+ 1 rbt anemone a Indian sea star 1 yellow tank planing on adding a ghost eel after the upfit.

current filtration is 2 canister form eheim

Thanks in advance