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Thread: Power head electricution

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    Power head electricution

    Hey guys my power head got knocked up out of the water by my carpet anemone when i finally saw it, i went to fix it and i got electrocuted.

    since that miserable day on Monday i have lost a lot of invertebrates and 2 fish the carpet seems fine when i trouble shoot all the equipment it was the power head that got some air to it. my nitrates are very high and i am doing 30% water changes every other day to try to stabilize it .

    the reason for this post is to ask did that electric shock kill all my good bacteria in the live rock and sand?

    would you recommenced finding a place for the fish and recycling the tank or will everything bounce back naturally

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    First all thank God you were shocked and not actually electrocuted as in dead.

    I think at this point keep doing water changes and testing, you will have to deal with the losses but hopefully not everything is lost.
    Lesson learned here is any equipment requires regular maintenance and part of that is cleaning and inspections regularly. Although even so this still can happen, especially with older equipment, PH's, submersible pumps and heaters are some of the items you need to particularly pay attention to.

    Again, glad your ok, keep doing the WC's and test until things gets back to normal, you may still have some losses ever after several days so keep an eye on it.

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