With the Bob Moore Frag Swap right around the corner, Barrier Reef is loading up this week. We have 3 LA Wholesale shipments scheduled. Along with our usual selection of corals & anemones, we'll be bringing some crustaceans and small fish to the event.

LA Wholesale #1 - Arrived Tuesday

1-red metallic goniopora
1-red mushroom
1-red mushroom blue spot
1-purpe polyp gorgonian
1-green star polyp
1-aust ice fire echinata
1-grade a acan
1-peach wall hammer
1-orange wall hammer
1-red war coral
1-bleeding apple scoly - likely sold
1-aust green leather
6-rose bubble
10-blue maxima clam cocos island 2.5"
2-blue maxima clam cocos island 3.5-4"
1-ultra mushroom colony
1-red/green blastommussa
1-pink alveopora - sold
1-green/red goniopora - sold

LA Wholesale #2 - Arrives Wednesday

3-flame angel
1-lemon peel angel
2-color angler
1-red angler
2-wartskin angler
6-chalk bass
3-midas blenny
2-starry blenny
2-copperband bfly
16-captive bred banggai cardinal
12-azure damsel
10-green banded goby
1-red neon pygmy goby
1-rainford goby
1-yellow head jaw
2-yellow rose watchman goby
2-sailfin shrimp goby
1-volitan lion
2-moorish idol
2-blue stripe pipe
1-blue spot puffer
1-valentini puffer
1-porcupine puffer
1-lieutenant tang
2-lg orange shoulder tang
2-sm purple tang
1-desjardini tang red sea
6-sm yellow tang
1-lg aust harlequin tusk
1-blue-scaled fairy wrasse
1-exquisite fairy wrasse
1-orange back fairy
1-naokos fairy
1-clown fairy
1-mccosker flasher wrasse
4-bulb anemone
6-mini maxi carpet
1-blueberry gorgonian
1-purple bush gorg
1-rusty gorg
1-purpe frilly gorg
2-fiji yellow leather
2-gold/orange torch pics on fb
2-yellow center red goniopora pics on fb
1-ultra acroporra
18-anemone crab
12-acropora crab - live in a commensal relationship with acropora and pocillopora
6-yellow feather duster
6-lettuce nudibranch
75-lg nassarius
100-trochus snail
100-mex turbo snail
3-candy stripe pistol
3-tiger pistol
2-harlequin shrimp
1-harlequin shrimp pair
3-fire shrimp
6-cleaner shrimp
1-peacock mantis
12-sexy shrimp
2-blue linkia
6-red brittle star