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Thread: Arrivals During The Sale Week - 5/8 - 5/12

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    Arrivals During The Sale Week - 5/8 - 5/12

    Barrier Reef has an incredible number of shipments planned to come through the shop during the week. Monday we have Kupang Coral, Hawaii, and Bali Fish/Inverts. Tuesday is Sea & Reef Clowns (get ready for our new captive bred Clown/Dottyback system!), Cleaner Crew+, & LA Wholesale. We also have 4 locally aqua cultured shipments of coral arriving these two days. Then later in the week we have more local aqua culture, ORA, Indo Fish/Inverts, Boutique Coral, Florida Fish/Inverts, and LA Wholesale.

    Hawaii Fish - Arrives Monday

    24-yellow tang
    8-kole tang
    1-juv chevron tang
    6-achilles tang
    2-gold rim tang
    2-orange shoulder tang
    4-sm naso
    2-med naso
    1-naso streamer
    1-tinkers butterfly
    4-long nose bfly
    2-potters angel
    3-striped squirrel
    2-white spotted toby
    1-yellowtail coris lg
    1-yellowtail coris med
    1-redtail wrasse
    1-psychedelic wrasse
    1-green bird wrasse
    1-smalltail wrasse
    1-christmas wrasse
    6-potters wrasse

    Bali Fish/Inverts - Arrives Monday

    1-regal angel
    1-melanospilos angel female plus one male
    2-juv emperor angel
    1-adult emperor
    1-bicolor angel
    7-ladder glider sifter goby
    1-juv koran angel
    1-yellow face angel
    1-juv regal angel
    2-niger trigger
    3-zebra lion
    1-emperor snappper
    2-flame fin tang
    1-black spotted puffer
    1-powder brwon tang
    2-fox face
    6-cleaner wrasse
    15-4 stripe damsel
    6-blk and white heniochus
    2-blonde naso tang
    4-harlequin sweetlips
    1-vermiculate angel
    1-magnificent fox face
    2-radalls goby
    2-orbiculate bat
    33-azure damsel
    7-blue tang
    2-racoon bfly
    1-clown tang
    2-vlamingi tang
    6-true percula clown
    1-dragon wrasse
    1-coris wrasse
    1-zebra moray
    2-blue ribbon eel
    2-snowflake eel
    3-lubbocks wrasse
    3-filamented flasher
    2-convict tang
    1-scopas tang
    1-valentini puffer
    12-purple firefish
    3-yellow coris wrasse
    6-copperband bfly
    3-blue sided wrasse
    2-tomato clown
    1-maculiceps tang
    15-feather duster
    6-cleaner shrimp
    2-harlequin shrimp
    4-banded shrimp
    20-sexy shrimp
    1-ritteri anemone
    10-assorted anemone
    2-blue linkia
    2-long spine urchin
    110-trochus snail
    15-sand star
    1-sailfin tang lg

    Kupang Coral - Arrives Monday
    All WYSIWYG & photos posted on FB - Images supplied to us prior to shipping.

    24-assorted maricultured acropora
    2-orange/green tube anemone
    2-magnificent anemone
    1-ultra rhodactis mushroom
    1-branch hammer green/purple
    1-eagle eye zoa colony
    1-ulta plate
    6-assorted color goniopora
    4-ultra dome open
    2-neon green open brain
    4-maricultured assorted montipora
    1-symphyllia orange
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    Sea & Reef Captive Bred Fish – Arrived Tuesday
    2-lightning maroon clown
    6-grade a davinci
    6-med premium snowflake
    2-naked clown
    4-midnight clown
    4-black photon clown
    18-ocellaris clown
    12-nano ocelllaris
    12-black ocellaris
    6-orchid dottyback
    2-flurry clown
    2-phantom clown
    2-domino clown

    Cleaner Crew+ - Arrived Wednesday Morning
    200-med blue leg hermits
    90-scarlet hermit
    3-golden sea rod
    6-purple sea blades
    3-purple candle gorg
    6-green flower anemone
    4-red flower anemone
    60-emerald crab
    120-peppermint shrimp
    900-astraea snail
    32-lg cerith snail
    6-fighting conch
    6-lettuce nudi
    1-royal sea cucumber
    6-royal gramma
    5-paly grandis

    Boutique Coral – Arrived Tuesday
    1-blue rhodactis mushroom
    1-green branch hammer
    1-orange fungia
    3-aust green goniopora
    1-branch green/orange lobo
    1-red rhodactis mushroom
    1-green mushroom
    1-metallic green mushroom
    1-watermelon mushroom
    1-red silk coral
    1-green clove polyp
    1-daisy polyp
    2-green star polyp
    1-green snake polyp
    2-grade a acan lord
    1-grade b acan lord
    1-rainbow acan lord
    1-aust bubble coral
    2-splatter branch hammer
    2-branch hammer blue/green
    2-reverse stem branch hammer
    3-yellow/green torch
    1-aust moseleya
    1-bleeding apple scoly
    1-war paint scoly
    3-rose bubble tip anemone
    1-ultra rainbow acan lord
    1-dragon soul favia
    1-ricordea Yuma
    1-aust elegance
    1-christmas favia

    LA Wholesale – Arrived Tuesday
    21-lyretail anthias
    3-azure damsel
    1-flagfin angel
    3-flame angel
    1-black angler
    1-wartskin angler
    6-chalk bass
    12-ruby red dragonet
    2-burgess butterfly
    3-copperband bfly
    3-aiptasia eating file
    12-lg bar goby
    6-green mandarin
    12-purple firefish
    1-mineatus grouper
    3-hifin perchlet – geometric pygmy hawk
    1-peppermint hog
    4-blue spot jawfish
    1-tiger jaw
    1-volitan lion
    4-flame banded pipe
    1-spiny box
    3-m/l blue hippo tang
    1-powder blue tang
    1-blue throat trigger
    2-clown fairy wrasse
    1-aust harlequin tusk
    3-rose bubble
    1-red splatter chalice
    1-toxic tongue – so cool
    1-ice fire echinata
    1-aust horrida
    12-cleaner shrimp
    4-fire shrimp
    6-tiger pistol
    6-candy stripe pistol
    100-lg nassarius snail
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    Indo Fish/Inverts - Arrived Thursday

    4-coral beauty
    2-copperband bfly
    8-halloween hermit
    12-firefish goby
    8-algae blenny
    1-zebra lion
    3-valentini puffer
    12-dragon pipe
    6-money cowry
    4-corl banded shrimp
    5-harlequin shrimp
    12-sebae anemone
    2-purple sebae anemone
    1-blue/green carpet anemone
    3-green bubble anemone
    3-tiger tail cucumber
    2-antenna goby - lg
    6-forktail blenny
    3-orange spot watchman
    3-yellow watchman
    12-sexy shrimp
    2-golden banded shrimp
    18-choc chip star
    5-leopard wrasse
    5-cleaner wrasse
    2-sixline wrasse
    5-melanurus wrasse

    Florida Fish/Inverts - Arrived Thursday

    1-med french angel
    3-sm queen angel
    1-lg queen angel
    1-med black angel
    1-rock beauty angel med
    1-xl lionfish
    200-med blue leg hermits
    50-scarlet hermit
    1-arrow crab
    100-emerald crab
    6-bright orange ric florida
    12-multicolor ric florida
    60-peppermint shrimp
    24-star astraea "ninja" snail
    6-sm blue zoa
    2-tree spnge
    2-lettuce sponge
    2-four-eye butterfly

    LA Wholesale - Arrived Thursday

    1-goldflake angel 4"
    1-aust scribbled angel 4" beautiful
    6-sm purple tang
    1-med regal angel
    1-lemon peel angel
    3-male lyretail anthias
    1-tailspot blenny
    2-canary blenny
    12-xxl green chromis - fiji
    18-sapphire damsel
    3-green mandarin
    4-catalina goby
    6-goldenhead sifter goby
    12-diamond sifter goby
    2-sm atlantic blue tang
    1-med lieutenant tang
    2-med nice desjardini tang
    12-small yellow tang
    2-blue /red flasher wrasse
    1-exquisite wrasse
    1-clown fairy wrasse
    1-lg mystery wrasse
    1-metallic green carpet anemone - stunning
    1-colt coral
    1-leather coral
    1-purple torch
    1-green/purple branch hammer
    1-gold/green torch
    2-ultra favia
    1-rainbow wellsophyllia
    3-neon green torch
    6-anemone crab
    6-sm derasa clam
    6-cocos island blue maxima clam (the ones that survive) 3-4"
    6-cleaner shrimp
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