Barrier Reef has three shipments arriving this week. Two mixed wholesale and Cleaner Crew+.

Mixed Wholesale #1 - Arrives Wednesday

1-adult emperor angel changing
2-flame angel
1-lemonpeel angel
12-bartletts anthias
1-med yellow belly blue tang
2-blue star leopard wrasse
1-xl male aust lineatus fairy wrasse
4-asst blastomussa polyp
1-tiny aust elegance coral
1-aust millepora colony

LA Wholesale #2 - Arrives Wednesday

3-royal gramma
3-clown fairy wrasse
9-saphire damsel
1-med adult blueface angel
1-super wartskin angler
1-sunburst anthias
2-bicolor blenny
1-flametail blenny
6-ruby red dragonet
2-starry blenny
2-tailspot blenny
1-long horn cow
1-yellow cubicus box
12-cb banggai cardinal
6-diamond goby
3-green mandarin
2-randalls signal goby
3-yasa hashe goby
2-long nose hawk
1-blue spot jawfish
3-pearly jaw
2-tiger jaw
2-dwarf lion
1-volitan lion
2-cb orchid dottyback
1-fiji blue spot puffer
1-sm porcupine puffer
1-valentini puffer
2-foxface rabbit
3-m/l blue hippo tang
1-sm flame fin tang
6-med yellow tang
1-blue jaw trigger male
1-m/l clown trigger
1-m/l hummu trigger
1-orange back fairy wrasse
1-red pygmy possum wrasse
2-sixline wrasse
1-yellow coris wrasse
3-green bubble anemone
2-rose bubble anemone
2-rainbow rose bubble anemone
1-super white w orange 1" wartskin angler - pic on fb
1-xmas favia - pic on fb
1-ice fire echinata - pic on fb
1-cultured neon green birdsnest - pic on fb
1-super pink eye pectinia - pic on fb
1-aust acropora spathulata - pic on fb
1-cultured blue mushroom - pic on fb will be fragging into singles
2-fiji yellow leather
6-anemone crab
60-lb real reef shelf rock
3-berghia nudi
2-sea hare
2-crocea clam 3"
1-derasa clam 5"
8-cleaner shrimp
2-fire shrimp
4-harlequin shrimp
3-candy stripe pistol shrimp
3-tiger pistol shrimp
100-xl nassarius snail
6-tiger sand conch
100-trochus snail
1-blue linkia star
1-red marble fromia star
2-tuxedo urchin