Barrier Reef has three shipments arriving this week. Bubble Tip Anemones, Cleaner Crew+, and Captive Bred Clowns are all coming in.

Bubble Tip Anemones - Arrived Tuesday
6-green bubble tips
10-ultra rainbow bubble tips

Cleaner Crew+ - Arrived Wednesday
200-med blue legs
60-scarlet hermits
3-golden sea rod
3-red tree sponge
6-green flower anemone
1-arrow crab
60-emerald crab
8-peppermint shrimp - sorry they have been low or out for a few weeks now
600-astraea snail
50-nerite snail
100-lg cerith snail
6-sm fighting conch
6-lettuce nudi
6-royal gramma
1-sm queen angel juv
1-cherub angel

We'll post the clown list when it arrives Friday.