Barrier Reef has four shipments arriving this week. Cleaner Crew+ is supposed to arrive Friday but we never got the confirmation we expected. Fingers crossed!

Real Reef Man-Made Live Rock - 65lb arrived Thursday

Kryptonite Mushrooms - 6 arrived Thursday 199.99 each

Jakarta Coral - Arrived Thursday

For whatever reason our shipping costs were down on this shipment. I was able to price many of these pieces lower than usual. Lots of $30-$50 full size corals!

1-babut leather
1-spaghetti finger leather
1-cladiella soft coral
6-assorted color/size elegance coral 59.99sm - 99.99xl
10-asssorted color xl torch corals - will frag some as time permits
2-red/green open brain
2-green organ pipe
6-sand sifting starfish
1-red macro algae rock
1-lg green ricordea yuma
1-purple elephant ear mushroom
1-green elephant ear mushroom
2-yellow/green umbrella leather
1-blue sympodium
1-finger leather
1-cabbage leather
1-pink wall hammer
1-green hammer
1-metallic green hammer
1-super orange hammer - only 149.99 and it glows
1-purple tip green hammer
1-yellow octo-glab branch euphyllia
2-red lobo with green center
1-red dome brain
1-electric red open brain pic on fb
1-ultra paly pic on fb
2-neon clove
5-asst branch frogspawn
3-green goniopora
1-short tentacle torch with electric orange inner tentacle color
2-insane long tentacle plate
2-green open brain
2-sun coral
2-flame mushroom
1-combo yuma rock with one super nice orange
1-yellow yuma colony rock only 99.99 with at least 10 yumas on it
2-green star polyp
2-small red cynarina
3-purple tip green branch hammer
2-green plate coral
1-green spot plate coral
6-super bright orange plates
1-sm red goniopora
8-assorted color/size pearl and bubble corals all 49.99
2-large ritteri anemone
25-orange spot sand snail
1-blue purple mushroom
1-bright blue mushroom
1-lg green spotted mushroom
1-lg hairy green mushroom
1-green bullseye mushroom
1-rhodactis flame mushroom
3-colt coral
1-xl yellow devils hand leather
2-green alveopora