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Thread: Arrivals 9/5 - 9/8

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    Arrivals 9/5 - 9/8

    Barrier Reef has nine shipments arriving this week in anticipation of the Frag Swap Sale taking place from 10-6 on Saturday 9/9. Captive Bred Fish, ORA, Caribbean Fish/Inverts, 2 LA Wholesale, 2 Hawaii Fish and 2 Boutique Coral shipments are all coming in. I've got lots of supplier provided pictures which will be posted on our FB Page.

    Captive Bred Fish - Arrived Wednesday

    2-lightning maroon clown
    4-grade a davinci
    2-naked clown
    12-nano ocellaris
    12-black ocellaris
    3-gold stripe maroon
    3-orchid dottyback
    3-neon dottyback
    2-flurry clown
    2-midnight clown
    2-extreme davinci
    2-phantom clown
    2-sunrise dottyback

    LA Wholesale #1 - Arrived Wednesday

    12-lyretail anthias
    6-heads super orange torch
    1-bleeding apple scoly
    2-dragon soul favia
    1-tiny aust elegance
    7-heads aust red/green blastomussa
    2-coral beauty
    2-electric flame scallop
    1-juv emperor angel
    1-adult emperor angel
    1-majestic angel
    1-powder blue tang
    1-valentini puffer
    1-yellow mimic tang
    1-flame fin tang
    1-red emperor snapper
    4-green mandarin
    1-purple goniopora frag
    2-sailfin tang fiji
    1-red/orange ric yuma colony
    2-purple/pink yuma colony
    1-bright green zoa colony
    12-diamond sifter goby
    2-red polyp montipora frag

    Caribbean Fish/Inverts - Arrived Wednesday

    1-med french angel
    2-cherub angel
    1-sm queen angel
    1-lg queen angel
    1-med rock beauty
    11-blue reef chromis
    2-volitan lion
    200-lg blue leg hermit
    30scarlet hermit
    40-emerald crab
    2-purple whip gorg
    2-purple frilly gorg
    50-peppermint shrimp
    2-orange tree sponge
    450-astraea snail
    2-blue zoanthid
    1-cuban hog
    2-strawberry grouper
    2-chalk bass

    Hawaii #1 - Arrives Thursday

    10-yellow tang
    16-kole tang
    1-gold rim tang
    1-orange shoulder tang
    2-med naso tang
    1-naso streamer
    1-potters angel
    1-potters wrasse
    2-christmas wrasse
    1-med yellow tail coris wrasse
    1-lg male blue throat trigger

    LA Wholesale #2 - Arrives Thursday

    1-bicolor angel
    2-coral beauty angel
    1-flameback angel
    1-lemonpeel angel
    1-wantanabei angel female
    3-sunburst anthias
    3-lawnmower blenny
    8-ruby red dragonet
    3-starry blenny
    6-tailspot blenny
    1-m/l long horn cow
    2-copperband bfly
    1-pearlscale bfly
    1-raccoon bfly
    12-cb banggai cardinal
    6-pajama cardinal
    12-green chromis
    12-saphire damsel
    12-azure damsel
    6-orange tail blue damsel - aggressive
    2-aiptasia file
    12-diamond sifter goby
    2-rainfordi goby
    4-twin spot sifter goby - can be difficult
    2-spotted mandarin
    1-yellow rose signal goby
    2-hi fin perchlet - so cool!
    2-long nose hawk
    4-tiger jawfish
    2-dwarf lion
    2-blue stripe pipefish
    2-bicolor pseudo
    2-blue bar pseudo
    1-blue spot puffer
    1-hifin snapper
    1-sm blonde naso
    1-sm clown tang
    2-m/l desjardini sailfin tang - eat bubble algae
    1-flame fin tang
    1-m/l vlamingi tang
    1-blue throat trigger
    1-sm huma trigger
    1-blue flasher wrasse
    2-clown fairy wrasse
    2-green coris wrasse
    2-sm melanurus wrasse
    1-orange back fairy wrasse
    6-sixline wrasse
    1-tonos wrasse
    2-tricolor wrasse
    1-12 line wrasse
    9-green bubble anemone
    6-rose bubble anemone
    6-rainbow rose bubble anemone
    1-blueberry gorg
    1-crown leather
    4-velvet nudi - eat reg planaria
    1-orange zoa
    4-fire shrimp
    4-harlequin shrimp
    3-candy stripe pistol
    4-tiger pistol
    1-blue linkia
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    Hawaii #2 - Arrives Friday

    15-flame angel
    2-potters angel
    2-kole tang
    2-small naso tang

    Boutique Coral #1 - Arrived Thursday Night

    1-aust blue/red lobophyllia
    1-stunning show piece blue and red aust symphyllia wilsoni
    3-aust acan lord colony
    8-asst fiji and aust acropora
    1-pink eye favia
    2-dome goniastrea
    2-purple/green wall frogspawn
    2-aust montipora
    3-red devil mushroom
    3-semi jawbreaker
    2-green open brain
    1-aust bubble coral
    1-aust chalice
    3-aust flower pot

    Boutique Corals #2 - Arrives Friday

    1-gold torch 2 head
    1-aust red polyp monti
    1-aust neon green sinularia
    6-aust acropora colony
    1-blue/orange metallic chalice
    1-xxl ric yuma colony

    ORA - Arrives Friday
    Invoice Pending
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    Cy Forell- Owner, Barrier Reef Aquariums
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