Barrier Reef has three shipments this week. LA Wholesale arrived Tuesday, Indo Fish/Inverts arrived Thursday and Biota Captive Bred Fish/Coral arrives Friday if they got their phones/internet back up today (located in Florida/hurricane).

LA Wholesale - Arrived Tuesday

3-tiny clown trigger
3-pajama cardinal
1-ultra rhodactis mushroom rock
1-ultra pectinia
1-blue polyp yellow montipora danae Australia (appleberry?)
1-green plate monti aust
3-long tentacle plate
3-blue knuckle hermit
3-electric crocea clam
20-cleaner shrimp
6-fire shrimp
2-gold coral banded shrimp
3-candy stripe pistol shrimp
3-tiger pistol shrimp
100-lg nassarius snail
100-banded trochus snail
1-blue linkia
2-red marble fromia star
1-christmas tree worm rock

Indo Fish/Inverts - Arrived Thursday

12-lyretail anthias
2-square anthias
12-domino damsel
24-yellow tail damsel
1-blue spot stingray
2-copperband bfly
1-dogface puffer
2-scopas tang
1-fox face
2-powder brown
4-scribbled rabbit
1-unicorn tang
1-pink tail trigger
2-exquisite wrasse
6-coral beauty
1-flagfin angel
1-swallowtail angel
1-bicolor angel
1-singapore angel
2-punctato bfly
1-vagabond bfly
2-long nose bfly
2-female blue throat trigger
2-male blue throat trigger
1-bursa trigger
6-halloween hermit
50-green chromis
12-stripe damsel
12-lemon damsel
4-neon blue damsel
6-monarch damsel
2-starry blenny
3-diadema pseudo
3-purple pseudo
2-valentini puffer
6-bumble bee shrimp
16-choc chip star
6-sand star
1-green coris wrasse
6-sebae anemone
6-long tentacle anemone
1-purple long tentacle anemone
6-feather duster
3-purple feather duster
3-carpet anemone
1-zebra anemone
4-green bulb anemone
1-rose anemone
6-engineer goby
6-algae blenny
2-pink and blue spot watchman goby
6-yellow watchman goby
6-dragon goby
6-dragon pipe
6-cleaner wrase
7-melanurus wrasse
1-orange axil wrasse male and one female