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Thread: Getting back into it with a 130 gal build

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    Getting back into it with a 130 gal build

    Good day everyone,

    It took me a few years but I am finally able to start another tank. With managements (my wife's) approval I have come across a 130 gal tank for a price that was hard to say no to even for her.

    I need a little help with a few things as things have changed a lot over the years I have been away from it and before I go a do something I know I will regret I wanted to get some advice first

    I wanted to ask about filtration. This tank comes with an under gravel filtration system but I have never used one and I don't know if it would work or not. I also wanted to ask about a sump vs a canister like the new fluval. I was not sure what would be my best option.

    Also wanted to ask about a good pro time skimmer that will not break the bank too badly. In sump or stand alone not sure which way to go.

    I have seen a lot about led lighting and I was not sure if they were a good way to go or go with metal halide and t5s.

    Also wondering about live rock lbs per gallon etc and to go with all live or do some seed rock as well.

    Last thing is water flow I was not if I am better to go with a closed loop system or separate power heads in the tank.

    Sorry for all the questions everyone but I have been out for a long time and I want to make sure I do this one right.

    Any thoughts anyone has would help me out.

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    Sumps are pretty much the 'standard' way folks are doing filtration now. There are some "all in one tanks" that are doing ok, but they limit you alot in the media and skimming you can do.
    Bubble magus Curve and Reef Octopus are the ';best' non break the bank skimmers IMO.
    Leds have come a long way and people are having a LOT of success with just the cheap black box lights. The more expensive stuff has more features, but the cheap lights are growing coral. When you look at the possible lack of longevity on the cheap ones, you can kind of equate the price of a new fixture to that of replacing bulbs.
    Seems most folks are going mostly dry rock and seeding. The pounds per gallon has kind of faded as a measurement tool as time has passed. I wouldn't go too short on rock, but I would be more interested in getting the look I wanted rather than trying to jam in enough to match the pound per gallon type rules.
    Power heads have become a lot more powerful and controllable. They still can be eye sores in the tank though. With the gyre pumps and wave pumps getting variability is much easier. Nothing wrong with a closed loop though, as long as its well designed.
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