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Thread: Flow rate of over flow too much?

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    Flow rate of over flow too much?

    Good day everyone,

    Due to having a non-drilled tank I have to look at a hang on overflow box. I found one that is used and based on the information I have found i am looking at a 1500gph flow rate with two 1” openings that is designed for up to a 300 gal tank and my tank is only 130gal.

    I am looking at a couple different ideas and wanted to see what those more experienced than me think.

    1. Run both tubes to my sump and get a 1500ghp return pump.

    2. Run one line the sump with a 750gph return and run the second to another pump for in tank circulation.

    I know that I can just get an overflow for my tank size but the price is a fraction of what a new one would cost and management would like to keep the cost down where I can.

    Anyone with any thoughts please let me know.

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    Just because the overflow is rated at 1500gph doesn't mean you have to run that much through it.
    Ideally you would want 650 to just under 800 gph.

    Have you looked at the eshops overflow kit?
    It's one that provides a overflow, drill bit and guide to drill it yourself.
    It's actually pretty easy. I just did one on a 65 gallon tank I have.
    The large one is on sale right now for $102.

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