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Thread: Arrivals 11/27 - 12-1

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    Arrivals 11/27 - 12-1

    Barrier Reef has a load of shipments arriving all week as we gear up for the Anniversary Sale! 3 x LA Wholesale, 3 x Local Frags/Wholesale, 2 x Indo Fish/Inverts, Captive Bred Clowns, ORA Captive Bred Fish/Coral, Vietnam Anemone/Mushrooms, Caribbean Cleaner Crew + Fish/Inverts, and more!

    Vietnam - Arrived Monday

    1/2 Box Assorted Mushroom
    1/2 Box Assorted Anemone

    Indo Fish/Inverts - Arrived Monday

    1-adult emperor angel
    1-scopas tang
    2-stripe bristletooth tang
    3-flame fin tang
    30-longspine cardinal
    2-mustache jawfish
    1-juv flagfin angel
    4-copperband bfly
    4-m/l foxface rabbit
    2-sm sailfin tang
    3-orange spot watchman goby
    2-unicorn tang
    12-scissortail goby
    1-pink tail trigger
    4-valentini puffer
    1-zebra moray
    1-snowflake moray
    1-juv emperor angel
    2-lopez unicorn tang
    1-hector goby
    2-rainford goby
    8-algae blenny
    1-arc eye hawk
    2-blue side fairy wrasse
    1-falco hawk
    3-green mandarin
    3-spotted mandarin
    7-six spot sifter goby
    1-nebulous wrasse
    1-lined tamarin
    2-juv red coris wrasse
    12-cleaner wrasse
    1-lunare wrasse
    2-exquisite wrasse
    12-dispar anthias
    12-bar goby
    6-scooeter blenny
    2-carpenters wrasse
    2-mccoskers wrasse
    6-flavo anthias
    18-sexy shrimp
    10-harlequin shrimp
    3-coral banded shrimp
    6-electric blue knuckle hermit
    6-orange yuma
    50-green chromis
    12-stocky anthias
    2-yellow coris
    6-sixline wrasse
    3-yellow coral banded shrimp
    6-choc chip star

    LA Wholesale - Arrives Tuesday

    3-coral beauty
    1-lemon peel angel
    1-navarchus angel med
    1-potter angel
    3-blue hippo tang 3.5"
    2-flame fin tang
    3-flame angel
    12-azure damsel
    1-med powder blue tang
    1-purple tang
    2-tri color fairy wrasse
    1-orange back fairy wrasse
    1-crescent tail fairy wrasse
    1-falcula bfly
    1-raccoon bfly
    5-gold midas blenny
    24-diamond sifter goby
    2-tailspot blenny
    1-blue dot goby
    1-panther grouper sm
    1-lg mappa puffer
    1-sohal tang
    1-med male blue throat trigger
    1-clown trigger sm/md
    2-possum wrase
    1-black box fish hawaii
    12-female squami anthias fiji
    1-peppermint hog
    8-rose bubble
    3-mini maxi anemone
    3-tuxedo urchin
    50-mexican turbo snail
    2-xmas worm porites rocks

    Caribbean Cleaner Crew+ - Arrives Tuesday

    2-cherub angel
    10-royal gramma
    6-chalk bass
    2-red lip blenny
    1-indogo hamlet
    1-lg volitan lion
    4-rock flower anemone
    6-red flower anemone
    400-med blue leg hermit
    100-scarlet hermit
    65-emerald crab
    6-porcelain crab
    8-yellow/red gorgonian
    2-st thomas bubble mushroom
    120-peppermint shrimp
    65-cerith snails
    900-astraea snails
    5-lettuce nudi
    2-umbrella mushroom

    ORA Captive Bred Fish/Coral - Arrives Tuesday

    10-naked ocellaris
    6-black ocellaris
    6-ocellaris clown
    2-kamohara blenny
    2-radial file
    2-whitespotted pygmy file
    2-indogo dottyback
    4-orchid dottyback
    6-neon goby
    6-sharknose goby
    6-yellowline goby
    3-ultra gold maxima clam
    10-assorted derasa clam
    2-squamosa clam
    2-pink/green acro
    1-melon berry monti
    5-purpple gem acro
    1-grubes gorg
    1-aust delicate
    1-blue voodoo
    1-ice tort
    1-green planet
    3-hawkins echinata
    1-joe the coral
    1-lauras purple polyp
    1-plum crazy
    1-mind trick monti
    1-peach digi
    2-green birdsnest
    2-stellar stylo
    1-mint pavona
    1-blue chalice

    LA Wholesale - Arrives Tuesday

    1-sargassum angler
    1-wartskin angler
    2-snowflake moray
    1-bella sifter goby
    2-hifin perchlet
    4-multibanded pipe
    6-green bubble anemone
    3-rose bubble anemone
    6-rainbow rose bubble
    3-snowflake bubble anemone
    6-asst condylactus anemone
    1-robo chalice
    1-rainbow goni
    1-red w/ color eye center cynarina
    1-ultra zoa
    1-bleeding apple scoly
    1-ultra goni
    1-ultra chalice
    3-blue berry gorg
    1-fox coral
    4-pom pom crab
    1-red hairy hermit
    2-sally lightfoot crab
    3-black cucumber
    6-asst ricordea florida
    3-sea hare
    1-orange zoanthid
    6-electric eye scallop
    12-cleaner shrimp
    3-fire shrimp
    2-candy stripe pistol
    8-tiger pistol shrimp
    12-tiger sand conch
    6-red fromia star
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    Please remember Barrier Reef will be closed Thursday to restock and get ready for our Anniversary Sale which runs Friday - Sunday.

    Caribbean Fish/Cleaners - Arrives Thursday
    1-med french angel
    1-sm rock beauty
    1-md/lg queen angel
    2-volitan lion
    135-emerald crab
    3-tree sponge
    50-sm nassarius snail
    180-astraea snail

    LA Wholesale - Arrives Thursday
    1-green/white organ pipe
    1-aust harlequin tusk
    2-blue spot jaw
    1-panther grouper
    1-magnificant fox face
    6-green mandarin
    1-spider sponge
    2-chilli pepper monti frag
    1-blonde naso
    6-yellow tang
    1-flame hawk
    12-cleaner shrimp
    12-fire shrimp

    Hawaii+ - Arrive Thursday
    20-sm yellow tangs
    14-flame angel
    10-lemon peel angel
    2-juv goldflake angel
    1-declivis butterfly - yes!
    28-bartletts anthias
    7-aurulentus deep water anthias
    1-black tang
    1-male blue box fish
    3-female box fish

    Indo Fish/Inverts - Arrives Thursday
    7-coral beauty
    1-zebra angel
    6-square anthias
    1-ornate bfly
    2-punctato bfly
    1-clown tang
    6-pajama cardinal
    30-green chromis
    6-domino damsel
    6-stripe damsel
    6-sergeant major damsel
    2-snowflake eel
    2-diadema pseudo
    4-purple pseudo
    1-valentini puffer
    4-female and 3 male blue throat trigger
    2-sebae anemone
    1-green carpet anemone
    3-long tentacle anemone
    2-purple long tentacle anemone
    24-feather duster
    1-orange tube anemone
    2-saddle carpet anemone
    3-green bubble anemone
    2-haddons carpet anemone
    1-ringed anemone
    3-algae blenny
    3-sixspot sifter goby
    12-money cowrie
    12-choc chip star
    1-red fromia
    12-sand star
    6-cleaner wrasse
    1-shy filefish
    4-engineer goby
    2-spotted watchman
    2-yellow watchman
    2-diamond sifter goby
    2-long nose hawk
    1-dogface puffer
    1-marble wrasse
    1-lunare wrasse
    6-melanurus wrasse
    2-black tail sunset fairy wrasse
    2-orange axil wrasse male
    1-red banded maori wrasse

    There are still two more shipments coming. I'll post the lists when I get them.
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    Wholesale - Arrived Thursday Late

    3-lg pyramid bfly
    5-moyeri leopard wrasse
    2-wheelers prawn goby
    2-orange spot prawn goby
    2-lined blenny
    2-yellow rose goby
    3-female katherines fairy wrasse
    3-bella sifter goby - incredible!
    2-xl yellow tangs
    3-yellow coris wrasse
    2-yellow goat
    4-aurora goby
    4-bicolor blenny
    12-purple firefish
    10-sexy shrimp
    50-door buster large acropora frags - well healed - 29.99 each or 3 for $75 door buster price
    4-green torch
    10-incredible ricordea yuma - see Natalia's pictures
    10-assorted aust/fiji acropora colonies - stunners
    1-neon green aust wall frogspawn
    1-wall hammer green
    1-pink lobo
    1-bali green torch
    1-green open brain
    10-acan frags

    Cleaner Crew+ - Arrives Friday AM

    12-xl flower anemone
    30-emerald crab
    70-peppermint shrimp
    1600-astraea snail
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