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Thread: Oceanic 60 Gal Design Questions

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    Oceanic 60 Gal Design Questions

    Thinking of purchasing a 60 gal Oceanic system. This system has the overflow and return inside the aquarium plumed through the floor of the aquarium.Not too crazy about the space the cover box takes up, but for the price,cheap, I can live with it. This runs to a Trickle filter model 75, smoked acrylic. Could I convert this filter to a refugium easily? Is clear acrylic a better choice?The system is about seven years old, but was kept very well.Planning on reef setup. Any drawback to this type of system?Guidance appreciated.
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    If the price is right and you are just starting out, it is probably a good deal to start with a used system while your still learning. It can work to do what you need, the overflow is for a sump, that is probably the best used of it.

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