Barrier Reef has had another crazy week of arrivals. Fish/Coral arrived Tuesday, Caribbean Cleaners/Fish and Indo Fish/Inverts arrived Thursday, and Hawaii/Marshall/Christmas arrives Saturday.

Fish/Coral - Arrived Tuesday

1-flame fin tang
2-sm blonde naso
1-mushroom rock
1-acro colony
3-leng sy cultured monti frag
2-red cap cultured frag
2-cultured salmon pink monti w yellow polyp frag
2-cultured rainbow monti frag
2-purple haze cultured monti frag
1-green tongue coral
1-orange carpet lobo
4-orange ric florida
4-pink ric florida
5-ultra rock flower
100-banded trochus snail
1-juv emperor angel
3-lyretail anthias male
4-royal gramma
6-midas blenny
2-bicolor blenny
1-tailspot blenny
1-copperband bfly
1-dracula goby
1-aurora goby
2-spotted mandarin
1-blue eye tang
4-m/s blue hippo tang
4-l/m blue hippo tang
6-hawaiian kole tang
1-s/m lieutenant tang
1-lubbocks fairy wrasse
1-exquisite fairy wrasse
2-mccoskers flasher wrasse
1-naokos wrasse
2-clown fairy wrasse

Carribean Cleaners/Fish/Inv - Arrived Thursday

1-lg french angel
2-cherub angel
1-med/lg queen angel
6-chalk bass
2-med volitan lion
200-med blue leg hermit
50-scarlet hermit
100-emerald crab
2-purple ribbon gorg
2-frilly gorg
60-peppermint shrimp
420-astraea snail
50-cerith snail
100-sm nassarius snail
6-red flower anemone

Indo Fish/Inv - Arrived Thursday Afternoon

4-scooter blenny
8-algae blenny
6-yellow prawn goby
1-blue spot stingray
1-powder brown tang
1-striped bristletooth tang
1-leopard wrasse
1-juv marble wrasse
12-cleaner wrasse
3-square anthias
4-pink and blue spot watchman goby
1-scopas tang
1-clown tang
4-scribbled rabbit
2-bursa trigger
6-melanurus wrasse
2-bella sifter goby
2-dragon goby
2-long nose hawk
1-dog face puffer
2-blue throat trigger female
2-blue throat trigger male
1-med clown trigger
1-hummu trigger
1-undulate trigger
2-brown sea hare
8-coral beauty
1-flag fin angel
1-tibicin angel
2-brown heniochus
1-copperband bfly
1-snowflake eel
2-green mandarin
2-starry blenny
2-diadema pseudo
2-valentini puffer
2-yellow coris
2-blue sided fairy wrasse
3-asst sebae anemone
1-long tentacle anemone
6-feather duster
2-sea hare
1-saddle carpet
1-ritteri anemone
6-anemone crab
24-halloween hermit
50-green chromis
12-blue damsel
12-domino damsel
12-stripe damsel
8-engineer goby
6-white goby
4-tuxedo urchin
1-banded coral shrimp
6-sexy shrimp
12-choc chip star
6-sand star
1-green wrasse

Hawaii list will be posted over the weekend.