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Thread: Arrivals 4/9 -4/13

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    Arrivals 4/9 -4/13

    Barrier Reef has a Mixed Wholesale order coming in Wed and Indo Fish/Inverts arriving Thursday.

    Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Wed

    1-tailspot blenny
    4-t.r. banggai cardinal
    2-cb picasso clown
    25-green chromis
    6-yellow clown goby
    4-yellow rose watchman
    6-yellow watchman
    4-dragon pipe
    1-pineapple trigger
    1-christmas wrassse
    2-mccosker flasher wrasse
    2-tricolor fairy wrasse
    2-yellow coris
    2-long tentacle anemone
    1-fire shrimp
    3-harlequin shrimp
    3-candy stripe pistol
    5-tiger pistol
    11-harlequin sailfin molly - acclimated to saltwater
    11-orange lyretail molly - acclimated to saltwater
    11-dalmation lyretail molly - acclimated to saltwater

    Indo Fish/Inverts - Arrives Thursday Afternoon (should be held until Friday before leaving the shop)

    2-pink & blue spot watchman
    2-dragon goby
    11-mural sifter goby
    1-clown tang
    2-powder brown tang
    3-striatus tang
    1-bommerang trigger S. bursa
    1-green bird wrasse
    4-coral beauty
    1-flagfin angel
    4-sm heniochus B&W
    1-klein butterfly
    3-scopas tang
    2-male and female blue throat trigger
    1-female swallow angel
    1-male swallow angel
    12-pink anthias
    2-long spine urchin
    1-clown trigger
    1-dogface puffer
    1-female brown bird wrasse
    4-melanurus wrasse
    50-green chromis
    6-pink damsel
    2-engineer goby
    6-scooter blenny
    4-green mandarin
    6-algae blenny
    2-tailspot blenny
    1-valentini puffer
    6-dragon face pipe
    1-double spot wrasse
    1-adult marble wrasse
    2-juv marble wrasse
    6-cleaner wrasse
    3-asst sebae anemone
    3-l.t. anemone
    6-feather duster
    1-sea hare
    1-saddle carpet anemone
    1-green bubble anemone
    2-tiger tail cucumber
    12-halloween hermit
    12-domino damsel
    12-stripe damsel
    6-lemon damsel
    2-scissor tail dart
    6-yellow watchman
    1-goat fish
    4-tuxedo urchin
    1-coral banded shrimp
    2-harlequin shrimp
    6-sexy shrimp
    6-sand star
    1-juv coris wrasse red
    6-sixline wrasse
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