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Thread: Arrivals 5/9 - 5/11

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    Arrivals 5/9 - 5/11

    Barrier Reef received three shipments this week. ORA, Cleaner Crew+, and Mixed Wholesale are all scheduled.

    Cleaner Crew+ - Arrived Wednesday
    30-scarlet hermit
    6-lettuce nudi
    60-emerald crab
    50-peppermint shrimp
    4-royal gramma
    6-porcelain crab
    6-flame scallop
    12-sm fighting conch
    100-sm nassarius snail

    ORA Captive Bred Livestock - Arrived Wednesday
    6-pink skunk clown
    3-black polymnus clown
    2-aiptasia file
    2-raspberry acropora
    2-red zoa
    2-orange zoa
    1-blue voodoo
    2-peach digi
    1-pink stylo
    3-ponape birdsnest
    1-melonberry monti
    1-laura's purple polyp

    Mixed Wholesale - Arrives Friday AM
    5-algae blenny
    1-swallow angel female
    2-tailspot blenny
    1-long horn cow
    4-banggai cardinal
    4-glass (longspine) cardinal
    10-saphire damsel
    2-citron goby
    5-diamond sifter goby
    6-yellow clown goby
    1-yellow rose goby
    4-yellow watchman
    1-long nose hawk
    4-pearly jaw
    1-dwarf lion
    3-diadema pseudo
    1-m/l blue hippo
    1-clown tang
    1-purple tang
    2-sailfin tang
    2-m/l male blue throat trigger
    1-niger trigger
    1-undulated trigger
    2-lg male pintail fairy wrasse
    1-saddle wrasse
    1-yellow wartskin angler
    1-coralline wartskin angler -Natalia post that wysiwyg
    2-red mini maxi carpet anemone
    1-incredible red/green blastomussa wellsi Natalia post that wysiwyg
    6-m/l cleaner shrimp
    6-tiger pistol shrimp
    9-sexy shrimp
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    1-saddle wrasse
    1-yellow wartskin angler
    1-coralline wartskin angler -Natalia post that wysiwyg

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