Many of Barrier Reef’s expected shipments were delayed last week. This week we expect Berghia Nudis, USA Farmed Coral, Mixed Wholesale, Hawaii Fish, Captive Bred Clowns, and Caribbean Cleaner Crew+.

Domestically Farmed Coral – Arrived Tuesday
2-blue/green tenuis
2-royal blue tenuis
1-electric pink millepora
1-pink millepora TCN Rainbow
1-forest fire digi
2-tri-color palleta
1-rr orange passion
1-30k leagues lokani
2-blue turaki
2-tyree ultimate stag
3-wwc original red shortcake
1-uww rainbow sunburst monti
1-JF day-glo favites
1-flaming rainbow red zoa
1-purple death paly
1-tinkerbell paly
2-red sea pumping xenia
1-pulsing sinularia
2-weeping willow toadstool
2-japanese green weeping willow toadstool

Captive Bred Fish - Arrived Tuesday
6-med premium snowflake ocellaris
6-white stripe maroon
1-orchid dottyback
1-neon dottyback
2-flurry clown
2-phantom clown
2-lightning maroon
2-domino clown

Mixed Wholesale – Arrives Wednesday
2-coral beauty
1-female swallowtail angel
4-algae blenny
2-starry blenny
3-long horn cow
2-copperband bfly
1-raccoon bfly
1-long nose bfly
6-diamond sifter goby
6-green mandarin
5-orange spot watchman goby
4-rainfords goby
2-tiny randalls goby
5-yellow clown goby
5-yellow watchman goby
1-long nose hawk
2-pearly jawfish
2-dragon pipe
2-bicolor pseudo
2-diadema pseudo
3-purple pseudo
1-dogface puffer
2-valentini puffer
4-asst size foxface
1-yellow mimic tang choc
1-clown tang
1-lg orange shoulder tang
1-powder blue
1-male blue throat trigger
1-christmas wrasse
1-lg green bird wrasse
2-mccosker flasher wrasse
2-melanurus wrasse
2-male pintail fairy
4-sixline wrasse
4-green bubble anemone
5-mini maxi anemone
2-saddle carpet anemone
2-pink goniopora
3-anemone crab
10-emerald crab
2-tigertail cucumner
3-sea hare
4-velvet nudi
5-cleaner shrimp
2-coral banded shrimp
5-tiger pistol shrimp