Barrier Reef has a big day of arrivals planned for today. Biota Captive Bred, Mixed Wholesale, Berghia, and Captive Bred Clowns are all confirmed. Cleaner Crew+ was ordered but we are still waiting for shipping confirmation.

Mixed Wholesale - Arrives Friday
1-coral beauty
2-flame angel
1-african flameback
6-med african midas blenny golden
2-tailspot blenny
1-m/l long horn cowfish
2-copperband bfly
2-raccoon bfly
1-true falcula bfly
1-glass cardinal
12-blue reef chromis atlantic
12-azure damsel
2-med snowflake eel
1-zebra eel
1-aiptasia file
6-diamond sifter goby
5-orange spot watchman goby
4-purple firefish
2-sm randalls goby
12-scissortail dart
6-yellow clown goby
2-yellow rose antenna goby
1-m/l panther grouper
2-longnose hawk
4-quoy's parrot
3-bicolor pseudo
2-c.b. orchid dottyback
1-m/l porcupine puffer
4-m/l foxface
3-blueline snapper
1-california ray
2-sm blue hippo tang
6-med hippo tang
1-flame fin tang
1-m/l vlamingi tang
4-sm yellow tang
1-clown fairy wrasse
1-eight line wrasse
2-mccoskers wrasse
2-pilot fish
1-super yellow wartskin angler
1-pink eye goniastrea
2-ultra platygyra frags
2-"chili pepper" monti
1-rainbow acan frag
2-blue eye favia frag
4-mint favia frag
3-rainbow acan frag
2-umbrella leather
1-anemone crab
3-sea hare
3-mangrove red with leaves/roots
1-eagle eye zoa colony
2-green dragon eye zoa colony
3-electric flame scallop
8-lg cleaner shrimp
12-harlequin shrimp
6-sexy shrimp
50-mexican turbo snail
6-tiger conch
50-trochus snail
3-red/pink tile star fromia

Biota All Captive Bred Fish/Coral - Arrives Friday
6-yellow tangs
3-coral beauty
6-blue mandarin
4-matted filefish
2-rainfords goby

Sea & Reef Captive Bred Fish - Arrives Friday
6-premium snowflake clown
4-midnight clown
12-ocellaris clown
6-black ocellaris
3-orchid dottyback
3-neon dottyback
5-black storm
2-flurry clown
2-onyx clown

Berghia Nudibranch For Aiptasia Control - 25 Arrive Friday

We'll let you know if Cleaner Crew+ Arrives. If not, it'll be Tuesday.