Barrier Reef had a few shipments arrive this week. Mixed Wholesale, Dendros, and Captive Bred Small Rainbow Rose Bubbles have all arrived.

30-Heads Firecracker Dendro Arrived Thursday

22-Small Captive Bred Rainbow Rose Bubble Anemone Arrived Thursday

Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Wednesday

3-mccoskers flasher wrasse
3-pajama cardinal
3-rainfords goby
2-coral beauty
1-eibl's angel
2-flame angel
1-sm rock beauty angel
10-golden tiger blenny
3-ruby red dragonet
6-t.r. banggai cardinal
2-ocellaris clown cb
3-staghorn damsel
10-diamond sifter goby
4-green mandarin
2-twinspot goby
4-yellow watchman goby
1-candy hog
1-dwarf lion
1-radiata lion -sold
1-bicolor parrot
2-diadema pseudo
1-lg porcupine puffer
3-sm valentini puffer
1-m/l spotted sweetlips
1-powder blue tang
1-powder brown
2-m/l blue jaw trigger
1-lubbocks wrasse
6-sixline wrasse
1-marble wrasse
1-walking bat
2-velvet nudi
2-candy stripe pistol
7-tiger pistol
6-tiger conch
1-feather star
2-red/pink tile fromia
6-tiger brittle star
3-long spine urchin