Barrier Reef has another fantastic week of arrivals lined up. Mixed Wholesale, Australian Coral, High End Mushrooms, & Tahitian Maximas are all coming in.

Mixed Wholesale - Arrives Wednesday
3-scooter blenny
3-engineer goby
3-watchman goby
3-azure goby
3-coral beauty
2-flame angel
1-swallowtail angel female
6-female lyretail anthias
3-royal gramma
1-bicolor blenny
3-african gold midas blenny
3-ruby red dragonet
1-m/l long horn cow
1-sm copperband bfly
12-azure damsel
1-aiptasia file
12-firefish goby red
2-rainfordi goby
2-pink/blue spot watchman goby
6-yellow clown goby
1-spotted mandarin
1-med panther grouper
1-flame hawk
3-pearly jaw
1-radiata lion
1-neon dottyback cb
2-bicolor pseudo
1-orchid dottyback cb
1-purple pseudo
1-marbled cat shark
1-sm clown tang
1-sm flame fin tang
6-med yellow tang
2-melanurus wrasse
1-naoko's fairy wrasse male
1-red sea cleaner wrasse
1-ruby finned fairy wrasse female
2-six line wrasse
2-ultra long tentacle anemone
1-ultra aust trachy open brain
2-rainbow acan frag
1-neon green aust long tentacle plate coral
1-blue xenia frag
2-harlequin shrimp
1-red pistol shrimp
3-tiger pistol
50-red banded trochus snail

3" Tahitian Maxima Clams - Arrive Thursday
20-3" ultra maxima clam

High End Mushrooms - Arrive Thursday
12-asst ricordea yuma
3-multi color jawbreaker

We'll post the Aust Coral list when we get it.